About us

About us

Title Media Group

At Title Media Group our focus is providing you with job-specific information for your chosen profession. By concentrating on a particular niche of closely related job titles and career options, we are able to deliver a truly unique online job experience. Title Media Group aims to be the key choice for integrating relationships and information between job seekers, employers and training solution providers.

Alongside the opportunity for candidates to search the job vacancy listings from both recruitment agencies and direct employers, our platforms also deliver an extensive amount of information related directly to the particular market’s audience, including topics such as career advice, industry news, and listings for training and qualifications. Additionally, our sites provide lifestyle trends and information focused on those within this particular area of the job market. Lifestyle categories include bars and clubs, restaurants, technology, entertainment, and clothing and accessories.

For employers and recruitment agencies, the direct focus of Title Media Group allows the specific targeting of a finite group of candidates in a cost-effective manner. Unlike general job boards and blanket vacancy advertising, the very nature of the design and marketing of our company means that advertisers are highly likely to receive a much larger percentage of respondents correctly suited to the chosen industry, discipline and skill set. We are also committed to building our social networking presence with a growing Twitter™ following and Facebook™ fan base. This extension of the core brand results in a loyally returning and responsive audience, which benefits every user of the site.

After many years involved in recruitment of junior executives for the investment marketplace, it became apparent to the team at Title Media Group that there is a huge proportion of candidates seeking to work within a specific sector who tend to apply for jobs within an industry (possibly involved in the unregulated side of the business) without investigating the correct qualifications and regulatory standards that may be required. It is to this audience, and all those looking for direct answers to their questions in a straightforward manner, that suppliers of training courses and materials can focus
their marketing.

The extended information and reach of our service is valuable to all users. Maybe you recently began a successful career in the market, or maybe you have been in the business for years and are looking to employ your next protégé. Whatever the case, our sites encompass all aspects of your industry.

Title Media Group currently has active sites for two industries. Our first site, Junior-Broker.com, is for information and jobs regarding the finance industry. MediaSalesExec.com, another of our sites, is for careers in media sales. We also have two more sites in development that are targeted at estate agents and recruitment consultants.

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